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Welcome to Rick Edmondson's site dealing with unfinished buildings.

It was on a visit to Siena Cathedral in 1995 that I first realised my fascination with unfinished buildings. At Siena they had started work to extend the cathederal in the year 1285 but had not yet got around to completing it. The foundations for the extension are clearly visible but that's it. I then started thinking about all the other buildings that I had noticed over the years that were unfinished and started collecting photographs.

This isn't about bad planning or a matter of running out of money and things being delayed for a month or two. This is heroic unfinishedness. This is about being unfinished down the centuries, with no apparent intention of putting it right.

So many unfulfilled plans!

Poor Mr Wickham and his never-to-be-completed department store - how the Cockneys must have laughed. Poor Baccio d'Agnolo, to be recalled for all time as the man that Michelangelo so cruelly dismissed.

If you know of any unfinished buildings that should be included then let me know their address or location (anywhere in the world) and who knows, it might end up here. Better still, e-mail me a photo and a few words about it. Thanks.

Rick Edmondson
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