Deutsches Station, Nuremberg

The German Stadium, as itís called in English, broke ground in September of 1937 in Nuremberg, Germany. If youíre at all familiar with world history, that should probably raise a red flag.

Yes, the stadium was the brainchild of one Adolf Hitler, who wanted to build a gigantic, Roman-style arena for various nefarious purposes (including, but not limited to, hosting various Nazi rallies and replacing the Olympics with something called the Aryan Games). Thankfully, World War Two halted production before they could get any serious work done, and (also thankfully) the Nazis didnít do so well in that. Thus the only remains of Deutsches Stadion are some crumbling pillars and walls from a test site, and a big lake in Nuremberg that filled in the former construction pit.

Info from ListVerse. Thanks to Myrtle Dean for pointing me towards this building.

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