Marble Hill Nuclear Power Station

Most of the items on this site, despite being incomplete, are still being used for something or other. But some of them are nothing more than useless, colossal screw-ups. Marble Hill falls into that special category.

This nuclear power station in Indiana was started in 1977, and for about 7 years was all set to become a fully functioning, power-generating cornerstone of the nuclear power industry. Then, in 1984, after sinking $2.5 billion (with a ‘b’) into getting the reactors to about the halfway point, the company behind the project up and abandoned it—they simply couldn’t afford to continue. They ended up selling some of the equipment to recover a few million (not with a ‘b’) in lost costs. The plant’s been sitting half-finished ever since, although the company that owns it now is currently in the process of demolishing it.

Info from ListVerse. Thanks to Myrtle Dean for pointing me towards this building.

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